Journal 1999

Recent Events

Well, I just(June15) got back from a trip to Mexico. It wasn't focused on looking at VWs, but instead on driving around the coast all the way down to Veracruz looking at archaeology sites. The added bonus which in my case couldn't be seperated from the reason for going to Mexico was to see VWs. As it turns out I probably saw nicer ones in Texas. I only saw about 3 early models VWs downs there 2 were beetles and one was a bus. All the rest were late models. I'm not complaining...but... I did see a number of interesting modifications such as a beetle camper(yuck!). I also saw them being used by the police. It is definately prevalent down there. I'll write more later and stick some photos on the page(Haha- how longing have I been writing that in my journal???)

March 7, 1999 10th Annual Florida Winter Nationals - Lakeland, Fl. The event was completely unorganized this year. There were hardly an signs to the show areas vs. the race areas. I actually thought I might have showed up at the wrong event for a second. I can't believe it cost $12 dollars. That's a nice little increase of $2 from last year. The speakers that annnounce the times on the races were barely audible, and they didn't even have the display boards up to see the times. I just had to watch for a light flashing to see who had won. The show car section was just horrifying! I couldn't see any distinctionsbetween classes or anything. Also...don't get me wrong I appreciate other makes of cars, but what the heck were they doing at the VW show. Second, they had better up front places to park than the rest of the VWs. OK, ok, I won't complain anymore. Although I didn't like how was organized and am not all that impressed with Fisher Buggies, I will keep going to VW shows. I love watching the races, and talking to the people about their cars(and my own). It's a pity that I have let VWs affect me like a drug. I almost start feeling withdrawal symptoms when there are months that don't have any shows. It's awful. So that's why next year I'll be attending the same disorganized event and going home with my fix :)

Spring/Summer 1998

Well, I'm not sure but I think that shows in Februaury probably fall under the heading of Winter....Oh well. Let's see..I attended Volksblast '99 just recently. I traveled to Miami with my friends Michelle and Bruce. I can't complain because I was happy to get down to the show. We had a good time staying at her parents along the west coast. Across the street from their house was rail buggy. Not my VW of choice, but to each his own. What came to mind looking at this vehicle...."Blinded by the Light". Let's just reiterate the idea that "chrome doesn't get you home".

We drove down in a Jetta, of course it couldn't be an uneventful ride. Twice Bruce had to get under the hood and hit the solenoid with a wrench to get it to unstick. And of course, it's never in an easy to reach place. We camped on the Saturday before the show in Homestead.

The show was pretty good. There was a nice collection of air-cooled cars, also some water. Wide Five had their cars nicely arranged and looking good. Most of the cars I had seen at other shows. I did buy a cooler which is pretty nice. Now if I only owned a roof rack. Actually, I don't know whay I'm talking about. As of this moment(2/23/99), my car currently has a broken clutch cable(I hope). I've never replaced one myself, so I hope to recruit a friend for guidance. I don't even have enough to buy the cable at the moment though.

As usual there were some nice cars in the surrounding parking areas. I saw some 23-windows, panels, and campers. Does anyone know anything about the panel that had a for-sale flyer on the front? I thought it said $1100, but when I went back the sign was gone.

Well, the next show is the Lakeland, Fisher Buggies show. I've heard a lot of people complaining because of the sponsor. Well all I have to say is that I want to see Volkswagens so I'm going. I can't deny myself the chance.

My father and I managed to fix the clutch cable. What a pain that little curve in the line can be. At least it's in. I did make it to the Lakeland show. I actually drove there by myself (very slowly). I enjoyed the show and took some good photos of the racing. That is always one of the nice highlights of the show for me. It sure was a scorcher out there, but well worth it.

VolksFest 1999 held in October had a good turn out. It is the first time the show has been held. It was sponsored by Tampa Bay Air Cooled Society and St. Petersburg Air Cooled Enthusiasts. Look out for this show to grow and become more popular in the next few years. This year they will be auctioning off a 1960 beetle. Checkout my VW show dates page for more info.

I sadly have to admit I was unable to attend Bug Jam '99 this year. For the past couple of years I have been neglecting my duties as an aspiring archaeologist to attend the annual southeastern archaeological conference meetings. Needless to say I was supposed to attend these, and even these plans fell through and I ended up attending nothing that weekend. I also missed Bulli Brigade. I will definately be there next year though. 1