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Fall/Winter 1998

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I love fall in Florida because it means it's time for more VW shows. It's pretty sad when you feel you are going into withdrawl symptoms due to the lack of any shows.

The Titusville show was back in swing this year and what a scorcher. I don't think there were as many participants as last year(especially in the swap meet area...not like I ever have any money to spend anyway). This may have been to the rescheduling of the show date.

Bulli Brigade was great. I'm not sure exactly how many early model busses showed up, but it was probably around 60????(don't quote!). The caravan to the show hotel was pretty well organized, and some good photos were taken at the rest stop where everyone regrouped. My beetle won't be in the photos, as I'm usually one of the last in line. Oh well, it is a bus show:)

Bug Jam the next day was great. There was a large turnout of both air and water cooled. to go will write more this week(12/20).

May 1998

I just got back from the BugOut show in Manassas, Va. It was great. They had a really large turn out. I travelled up there from Florida with my friends Kevin, Mike, and Tom. Mike drove his '54 Barndoor, and Tom drove his '69 convertible beetle. No MAJOR problems...only a few minor ones. We got a flat tire and also had to replace brake parts on the barndoor. The brake parts were just rolling around inside, and locked up the tire a few times.

We actually drove up to Maryland first to pick up Jen(Mike's girlfriend). Spent the night there then travelled to the show. There were quite a few new beetles, and one was already lowered. There was a large water-cooled turnout, even some from Tampa. The races were great. They had both drag and slalom. The aircooled VWs kicked butt against the watercooled in the slalom. I'm not saying they got the best time, but the majority of them got better scores. One memorable sight was of a late model bus doing the slalom. It came in at about 50+ seconds...even got onto two wheels.

It was the 41st BugOut, and the first year that a Barndoor bus has attended. Mike could have sat around all day answering questions. Probably, the best sight was of an early model bus towing a drag beetle. Everyone else used other brands(not mentioned) of cars and trucks.

The trip home was long and tiring, but not void of interest happenings. Probably the one most worth mentioning, and the one which could have definately changed the outcome of the trip was my friend Tom's driving. Stopped to get gas, next thing we know he's pulling out into on coming traffic. Mike and I(in the barndoor) just sat there with our jaws hanging open. He later told us that he thought they were on the wrong side. Yeah??! Oh well we made it home safely. Kevin and I have decided that we'll drive next year(unless we go to the Cal. Classic instead. His project is to get his double door panel ready, and I get to work on his squareback. P.S. I've only added this last bit as an incentive to make us get busy.

April 1998

Well, although I have had to miss two other shows earlier this year, I had a great time attending two this weekend. Saturday, April 4, Fisher Buggies in Tampa held a show at their store. It was a pretty good turn out considering it kept raining every half hour. Lindell Volkswagen dealership had a beetle there, as well as two other owners. My friend Mike attended in his 1954 Barndoor. Our friend Skip came down from Virginia and video taped on both the 4th and 5th. He drove his split window bus(I think it was a '59). Overall, it was pretty good, and definately put me in the mood for the next days events. Later my friend Kevin and I drove around looking at cars parked at the hotels, then went to Burger King where a number of people were hanging out at the car show they have there each week.

Sunday's show was at the East Coast-West Coast Shootout at the Sunshine Speedway in St. Pete. I took some pictures, but not hardly enough. The guys from Wide Five in Miami attended and showed their early beetles. There were also, at least seven new beetles at the show. Of course, I had my picture taken in it even though it is water-cooled. My friend Kevin has Empi raders on his beetle, and was constantly asked if he was interested in selling them.(Yeah right! as if that's going to happen).

Fisher Buggies ran a time of 5.04 seconds which was pretty impressive. There was also some action when a ghia hit the wall on its run. Ron Lummus was also there with his ghia. The swap meet was ok. I suppose the best part of the show was that everyone received a free sunburn for attending. :)

Busses over the Bridge also went well. There was a pretty good turnout. Participants went over the Skyway Bridge. Last year, I believe there may have been at least 75 busses. I'm not sure how many were there this year.

I'll try to get some more pictures on(I know I always say this :( .

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