Journal 1997

In May, a group of 7 adventurous fellows took to the road and headed to California for the VW shows.

Mike Bradberry, brought home the best prize: A 1954 Barndoor Bus. It is really nice and solid with many original parts. It's on the road now and under construction. Expect to see it at the upcoming Florida shows.

'54 Barndoor

Also of interest to VW fans are the increased sitings of the new Concept Beetle in Tampa. These vehicles are traveling around unmarked. When approached at a gas station, the drivers wouldn't talk about the cars. ClandestineThere is a great page dedicated to H20 VWs that has footage of the new beetles and also some photos. JWelty's VW Page Concept Beetle

Hopefully, most of you were able to attend both the Bulli Brigade Show and Bug Jam this year. Neither was disappointing. I will put some photos in as soon as I can afford to develop them.

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