Journal 2002

Recent Events


Hello, March is almost over, and I've finally decided to write something in my journal for the first time this year. Things have been going ok. My '67 is currently sitting in my yard waiting for me to figure out why the heck it keeps blowing fuses out. I had to replace the wiperpivots because I was down to only one wiper that kind of just flopped around. Real Effective! When I put everything back together and turned it on it blew the fuse. My luck! I did notice there was a lot of oil/grease(?) around where the wires are connected to the wiper motor. My father has told me this is the problem. Clean and try, clean and luck yet. He's coming over to help me tomorrow(3/20). I also have a hideous oil leak around the push rod tubes. Needless to say I'm sure I make those who drive behind me very happy. This will have to wait. :( I recently also found out how easy it is to adjust my clutch cable. Yippee! I can now do it myself. There are a few other things wrong, but... I haven't gone to any shows this year:( I do plan to though. Sadly, my Nana passed away in the beginning of January. On an up note my mother took somephotos of VWs she saw while in England for the funeral. I love computers, and my parents just offered to finally buy me the one they promised about 10 years ago. I've told my mother that I think I would rather have a new engine for my beetle. We'll see how that goes. Either way my interest in VWs will benefit. 1