Journal 2001

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Hello, well this year was was not very exciting in the way of attending vw shows...or for having my car running. I actually put a new generator in my car. That was cool, it was the first time I had ever done it by myself. Thanks to Kevin and Bruce for taking the fan off the old gen. and putting it on the new one. It is nice having power tools. Except for that I did everything myself. I also put in a new voltage regulator. I have to tell you, I hate electrical components. I suppose it is only because I don't know much about them...suppose that's all the more reason to learn. I tried to make sure I had the car running for the Bulli Brigade and Bug Jam. I was so excited and pleased to have done it..I couldn't wait to go to the shows. As luck would have it, my weekend did not turn out as I had planned it. I did make it to Bulli Brigade and was pleased to see old friends such as Bruce and Michelle(I would love to see your new cab), Kevin and Michael, David and others. I took my new boyfriend Jimbo. I'm not too sure how he liked the show. He walked through it fast, but then I told him he had to slow down so I could tell him about all the differences on the vws there. He actually has become much more receptive to vws, I'm hoping for a complete conversion. The BIGGEST disappointment of the weekend was not being able to make it to Bug Jam. I woke up Sunday morning with awful pains in my back...there was no way I could have walked around the show. It turns out the pain was from a Kidney infection. Woo-hoo, lucky me. I ended up staying in bed with fever and chills for the next week. Great way to end the year. Despite these disappointments I am very pleased my car is back on the road. I do have to mention that I am upset that someone broke off my Pine Bluff, Arkansas VW dealer license plate frame. I think it's great people collecting vw momentos...JUST NOT OFF MY CAR! Have a great holiday, Sincerely, Karen. 1