Journal 2000

Recent Events

It's now September, and I can't believe that I haven't written anything in here for so long.

Old Stuff

Well, we've hit the year 2000. This year should produce some really good shows. I'm going to try to attend as many as and car permitting.

I have to include exciting news that has happened for me lately. I actually got to meet a fellow VW enthusiast in New Hampshire who I had been talking to over the internet. I never talk on the internet...except for one day when I went on with a gender neutral nickname of vw69. Well, Rick starts talking to me about Volkswagens for about the next 45 minutes. Suddenly, I admit I got my first beetle from an ex-boyfriend's mother. It is only then that Rick realized that he was not talking to a guy about cars but instead a girl. I'm pretty proud I was able to hold my own talking about VWs. Rick owns a '68 beetle and a '74? convertible beetle. Hopefully, his visits down to Florida within this next year will correspond with some of the events planned. I also hope to be able to attend some of the events up in New Hampshire.

It seems to be a continuous battle to keep my car on the road. My clutch cable is continuously coming out of adjustment. This permits heart wrenching moments to occur when I hear the gears grind. I hope to get the suspension dealt with this January, as well as, doing a tune-up and replacing a bleeder so I can bleed the brakes.

I'm also hoping to buy a new carburator this year. I want to buy a rebuild kit and teach myself how to rebuild it. It will be much less stressful if I learn this while I have a new one in the car. :) Well, I'm babbling..that's all for now. 1